PT. Buana Inter Global, Semarang

The widening communications around the world and rapid development of man made material during the course of the last few years have radically quickened the pace of change, adding inspiration and the innovation to the company who have played an essential role in refining and reassessing the furniture design. Indeed, the combinations of function and traditional use and the craftsmanship, techniques and materials use are all relevant to the way the furniture shapes, design and qualities have changed and developed over the years and continue to develop today.

The company, established in 1998, understands the basic needs for selecting the raw materials; especially woods. Through unique and careful processed, reselected teak and mahogany woods, freshly sawn logs, were properly dried to a certain low moisture content. It was then carved, shaped and finishes by the company sophisticated carvers with their skill obtained from generations to generations.

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PT. Buana Inter Global
Address: Kawasan Industri Candi Blok 11 No. 2-8 – Semarang
Phone: +62 24-7615858, +62-24-7615959 – Fax: +62 24-7627211, +62-24-8313627

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