AVIVA FURNITURE – Producer of Classic and Antique Reproduction Furniture from Jepara, Indonesia

Founded in 2000, Aviva Furniture has been emphasizing all products of indoor furniture in classical and colonial styles. Quality products and state-of-the-art manufacturing and finishing methods have always been driven by the demand for customer satisfaction. Under the vision, direction and leadership of experts, Aviva Furniture has been gaining a stage of reliability as well as diversity […]

Mebel Pegon Madura – Gallery and Manufacturer of Antique Pegon Furniture from Probolinggo, East Java

Mebel Pegon Madura is gallery and manufacturer that providing a wide range of wooden handicraft products and antique pegon furniture that made from solid wood with good quality. This teak root craft and wooden furniture require high precision and artistic creativity, because not everyone can sculpt twigs roots. Teak root and wood can create in any crafts product […]

La Royba Furniture, Jepara

La Royba concentrates its business in antique reproduction furniture in Central Java, Indonesia. The company is family’s owner and managed by professional and friendly staff. They and their staff always try to give satisfaction to their customer. For global market nowadays, the competition is a must. That’s why provide some kind of furniture which used […]