Batik Oast – Beautiful Batik Shirt and Fabric with Variety Light Colors from Pekalongan, Central Java

Pekalongan Batik has its own signature that very well known by many Batik lovers. Moreover, Pekalongan has been known and established as one of Batik culture downtown. Batik Oast is one of Batik workshop which offers unique and fashionable Batik products. Some of Batik Oast products are all kind of Batik fabrics and clothes in various models […]

Laksamana Batik – Specialist Shirt and Fabric of Batik Handmade from Sragen, Central Java

Sragen is the biggest batik production centers after Pekalongan and Solo. In Sragen, there are two sub-districts, Plupuh and Masaran batik centers. The two sub- centers have some batik -producing village. The layout of them are close together, opposite each other in the north and south of the Bengawan Solo River. The villages in the […]