Zaenal Batik Tuban – Workshop and Gallery of Beautiful Gedog Woven Batik from Tuban, East Java

Gedog Batik is an ancient batik that made only in rural areas of Tuban. Tuban, is one area that located in East Java province and became the place of origin of this gedog woven batik fabric. From this area, there are many beautiful gedog woven fabrics that created by craftsmen. Something that make gedog woven fabric […]

Kerta Djagat – Batik from Bandung, West Java

Kerta Djagat is batik fabric from Bandung, West Java. It was established on August 2015 by Mr Yadi Rusdiana, S.Pd under YBJB (Yayasan batik Jawa Barat). One of their signature design is Wayang Mountain, taken from one of Bandung’s mountains in Kertasari. The batik design lays on the view of mountain and water within Indonesia’s […]