Loekeli Tenun Ikat – Creation of Handwoven Ikat Fabric of Rote, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT)

Loekeli Tenun Ikat is craft center of ikat woven fabric that originated from Rote, NTT. Rote is an island in NTT that located at the southern of the Indonesia country and as one of well-known traditional ikat fabrics in Indonesia, handwoven ikat fabric from Rote has its special ethnic motif and color. It is fully handwoven and taking several […]

The Beautiful Ikat Weaving Craft from Bondowoso, East Java

Indonesia is well known for beautifully patterned Batik, Songket and Ikat fabrics. Dyes made from roots and leaves, color cotton and silk fibers to produce traditional fabrics for clothing. Ikat weaving or ikat fabric is woven craft from Indonesia in the form of fabric woven from strands of the weft or warp threads that are […]