Waste wood and teak root products of Akar Jaya are made by skilled craftsmen and experts, who faithfully follow the projects of the great home furniture design

Akar Jaya Waste Wood – Furniture Craft Center of Recycled Wood with Elegant Design from Madiun, East Java

Akar Jaya is a workshop that processing of waste and recycled wood in a such way so that becomes amazing craft products. Akar Jaya creates the wood waste production and processes it into table, living room set, chairs, shelves and variety beautiful furniture products. This workshop has many kinds of design furniture both indoor and outdoor. Akar […]

Tri Rejeki – Center of Wood Furniture and Craft with Modern Technique and Quality Material from Madiun, East Java

Tri Rejeki is a company and manufacturer of natural wood that create unique home decoration furniture and handmade craft pieces products. Workshop of Tri Rejeki is located in Kartoharjo, Madiun that present various kind of special wood furniture & craft. Tri Rejeki has stood since May 25, 1989 of the generation that won the trust of society to replenish capital […]