House of Lawe – Conserving Tradition and Social Enterprise for Weaving Craft, from Yogyakarta

Lawe is a community social enterprise that transform traditional handwoven into functional product through women empowerment. Lawe was supported by The GEF-SGP to initiate women groups of batik artisan using natural dyes. House of Lawe introduces the women groups near Merapi mountain to create their specific batik products using natural dyes that can be found near their […]

Borneo Chic – Variety of Woven Craft Products and Heritage Art, Jakarta

Borneo Chic was then established as the marketing arm of Crafts Kalimantan in the belief that continued and increased sales of traditional craft would revive the Dayak weaving traditions across the island. Crafts Kalimantan is a network of indigenous artisans of Kalimantan and their NGO (Non-Government Organizations) support groups. Seeing the potential of organized, expanded […]

DEWI SHINTA – The Center of Ikat Weaving and Weaving Batik Craft from Troso Village, Jepara, Central Java

Troso Village, Pecangaan District, Jepara Regency is an ikat weaving crafts center and is the superior product from Jepara regency after the furniture industry. Troso Village is located about 15 Km north -east city of Jepara. Many craftsmen developed at this time to Troso increasingly recognized as cluster of home industry ATBM (Alat Tenun Bukan […]

Weaving products from Indonesia include weaving fabric, weaving cloth and many more.

Weaving Fabrics Craftsman In Kediri – East Java

Indonesia is well known for beautifully patterned Batik, Songket and Ikat fabrics. Dyes made from roots and leaves, colour cotton and silk fibres to produce traditional fabrics for clothing. Here is the weaving craftsman from Kediri, East Java. This weaving fabric workshop produces weaving products, such as; weaving sarong, ikat weaving, weaving fabrics. Those products […]