Cantik Rattan, Cirebon

Besides being used for furniture materials, rattan is also used for handicrafts and souvenir products. People can use rattan crafts to create an eco-friendly atmosphere for their home living, such as; rattan baskets, indoor and outdoor rattan furniture, table-set rattan crafts, and others.

Good rattan outdoor furniture depends on its rattan quality. You should choose good quality rattan if you want your rattan furniture durable for years. The thickness of rattan determines price as well as quality. The larger the diameter of the stem, the sturdier the piece of furniture. The smoothness of the rattan stem determines the quality of the color and finish.

Cantik Rattan manufactures only work with high-quality materials and experienced developers. All materials will get a pass certificate and will be processed by quality assurance officers in each unit before packing. The company guarantees that all products are already checked by quality assurance, to assure top-quality product output.

All the woven furniture in the collection is hand-made using a well-known plastic fiber such as Viro or Rehau. The fiber is made in Indonesia but with German technology and has unsurpassed qualities. The furniture is dirt-repellent, very solid environmentally friendly, toxic-free, and recyclable. Cantik Rattan pieces of furniture last for 4 seasons, from pouring rain to the burning sun. As well as being non-fading, the collection is UV and water-resistant and is maintenance-free.

Cantik Rattan
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