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Wall cladding is a type of decorative covering intended to make a wall look like it is made of a different sort of material than it actually is. Some of the most common examples are on the outside of buildings, but cladding can also be an artistic element in interior decorating.

Cladding is almost always intended to be stylistic rather than functional and is usually designed to help accent a particular feature or room. Though it could conceivably cover every surface in a house or building, it’s more common to find it in just one or two key areas.

A professional cladding manufacturer from Sukoharjo, Central Java offers handcrafted wood cladding. Haradeco wood cladding uses 100% local materials and assembled by professional wood craftsmen. The company dedicated to wood cladding products made from eco-friendly wood to line the walls, so it generates a valuable, classy, and magnificent design for any rooms. Haradeco also uses selected wood for the products. The wooden material resources are directly licensed by PERHUTANI (Indonesia Forest Ministry) because they are committed to working legally in Indonesian furniture industry.

Tremendous choices of wood cladding, with the rustic touch and magnificent colors enhance the beauty in every part of the panels. Haradeco wants to create a wall cladding that has an exceptional meaning for everyone, so they developed not just a product but also a work of art that everyone can enjoyed.

Meanwhile in an interior design project, wall cladding is in great demand to make your room more comfortable, calm, and peaceful but still have an exquisite vibe. Consequently, Haradeco gives you an innovation to make your wall looks simple yet has a luxurious and elegant vibe. You can see some of their ideas on their gallery page.

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