Production of Furniture from Used Wood, Pasuruan Property Agents Are Even Successful in the Middle of Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic is not a barrier for a craftsman to keep creating and innovating, as well as always exist in the business world. His name is Muslim, he did not get discouraged when the pandemic hit some of his businesses, in the property and advertising fields. He persisted even though he swerved to other businesses so as not to lay off his employees. It turned out that his somewhat reckless decision to change directions had worked, and now his business is growing rapidly.

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Muslim, is now in the business of managing pallet wood waste into high-value furniture. In his hands, pallet wood waste becomes a valuable item. There are chairs, tables, mini bars, and so on. “The pandemic is not an excuse to give up. I have to endure, so that employees do not get laid off. This is a moral responsibility,” said Muslim.

According to Muslim, his business switchover was indeed speculative but yielded results. Slowly but surely, he began to flood orders. He didn’t even think that his innovation would be liked by people. “I’m just grateful, eventually employees can still work because of the many orders. In conclusion, the pandemic should not dampen enthusiasm. Life must continue,” he explained.

Muslim admitted that he temporarily left his property and advertising business unit for a moment, because the pandemic had reduced people’s purchasing power. “I will focus on the pallet wood business first. Alhamdulillah, many orders have come from outside cities, such as Surabaya, Malang, Sidoarjo, Probolinggo and several other areas,” he explained.

Muslims advise anyone who is struggling in the midst of a pandemic not to be discouraged and not to give up. “Keep thinking positively, and always moving. God willing, there is a way. I am also affected by the pandemic, but still confident and optimistic, let’s fight together,” he explained. Muslims invite all people to remain convinced that the pandemic is not an obstacle. “Let’s face it together,” he asked.

On the other hand, he also admitted that he wanted to help the government clean up waste that could no longer used, including this pallet wood. “Usually, pallet wood is just thrown away, most of it is allowed to pile up and disturb the environment. Finally I tried to process it,” he explained. According to Muslim, even though his crafts are made from recycled materials, they are not inferior to crafts from new basic materials. He continues to process and polish the used material so that it is worth selling. He is very concerned about the quality and quantity of goods to be sold. “In principle, I sell goods of good quality and suitable for use. Junk goods are transformed into good goods,” he added

Just to note, the selling price of these Muslim-made recycled crafts is indeed very cheap. The price ranges from IDR 250,000 to IDR 1 million. It depends on the order.

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