SILVER 999 – Fine and Luxurious Jewelry Handmade of Gold and Silver Smithing from Malang, East Java

The sterling handmade jewelry and accessories can be found in Silver 999, not only for local people, but also some foreign tourists admire the collection from this shop. Silver 999 is one of manufacturers and wholesalers gold and silver smith jewelry in Malang, East Java that has various kind of sterling silver jewelry. It carry only the best quality and authentic Indonesia sterling expressed from its design, style and also material. Silver 999 has various kind of unique silver jewelries combined with beads and beautiful gemstone.

Silver 999 has a lot of models choices not only for women accessories, but also for men who want to be more fashionable. Silver 999 offers design distinguished by Javanese motifs, influenced with bold (solid) heavily textured and silver string wires techniques (filigree). All accessories products made by craftsmen with variety models. Many jewelry accessories original from Indonesia such as gemstone rings, bangles, beads, bracelets, jewelry sets, necklaces, and other jewelry products at affordable prices and guaranteed in good quality. Custom orders are also welcome, and customer’s requests are carefully taken into consideration in details. So, get the silver jewelry collections in Silver 999.

Jl Ikan Paus 1 no 6, Malang – East Java
Phone: (+62) 341 475417


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