All People Should Be Proud and Buy Local Products

Proud to Made in Indonesia is the government’s effort to help micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to survive amid the impact of Covid-19. With this movement, Indonesians are encouraged to buy products made in Indonesia.

The very large population of Indonesia, nearly 300 million people, is a big opportunity that can be optimized. If we all buy daily necessities using Indonesian products, it can make our MSMEs survive in the midst of a pandemic.

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In addition, the government also wants MSME products to be connected to the digital ecosystem. One of the strategies for this movement is to connect SMEs with various online marketplace platform providers. Superior MSME products such as home decor, crafts, food and beverages, and so on, have more opportunities to enter the global market by entering the digital market.

Proud to Made in Indonesia Program aims to encourage national branding of superior local products through the curation of UMKM Top Brands that rise and grow. Thus, creating new industries and encouraging economic growth. This program is also expected to foster the pride and pro local products for Indonesian consumers.

Proud to Made in Indonesia Program is also a collaboration of all components. Starting from Ministries and Institutions, all MSMEs in Indonesia, the top brands of MSMEs trainers, and the mass media. Service connectivity in logistics distribution will encourage increased marketing of local products and ultimately increase the productivity of MSMEs.


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