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Alvin-T is the design brand for furniture that born from the brilliant idea of Alvin Tjitrowirjo, an Indonesian designer who developed his creative talent between the authentic Indonesian craftsmanship and the contemporary of Europe. Mission of Alvin-T is to make people from all over the world know and experience the delicate and timeless beauty of Indonesia art and history with superior originality and a touch of avant-garde. Flower petals, batik patterns and fragments of traditional textiles all find into the creative furniture made by Alvin-T. This gallery has built a career out of creating furniture that is both strikingly new and influenced by the past in a way that creates something stunning and sustainable. This brand specializes in modern design with Indonesian cultural details to ensure that tradition continues to exist in today’s society.

Alvin-T is an innovate company, mindful of its roots, offering the finest products and poised to take the lead in the medium-end market segment that always respect nature and its infinite potential. Their products are worked on almost entirely by the hand by Indonesia’s finest craftsmen. Here, tradition and innovations are merged seamlessly with the use of both the finest traditional and industrial materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, rattan and teakwood. Its latest creations include the “petal chair,” a lounge chair that recalls the petals of a flower and is made entirely out of natural rattan bounded by leather. Each material goes through a strict Quality Control screening process in order to make sure that every single piece product is of the utmost quality.  Neutral color palette of product also reflects this commitment to retain nature’s innate beauty. The products also reflect premium craftsmanship, because they are mode locally, mostly by hand, and the materials are all sourced locally, such as rattan from Cirebon and wood from Yogyakarta. Alvin-T is also finishing design of dining chair that made of reclaimed teak wood, so it’s environmentally sustainable.

Various art products in the form design of collaboration, accessories and furniture such as table, chair, shelf, lighting, sofa for interior décor can make your home look more beautiful. In addition to making furniture, Alvin-T also provides interior design services for high-end clients that include Polytron, BMW, Toto, Lamborghini and Poste Kitchen and Bar. Alvin-T has committed to producing original and excellence of Asian design on a global scale, so you will be satisfied the furniture that made with design which brings to work a passion for modernity and respect for Indonesian culture.

Mrs. Endang Marwati (Sales)
Jl. Suryo No. 11A, 2nd Floor
Senopati – Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta 12180, Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: +62 21 769 4371
Mobile: +62 851 0014 8551, +62 812 8830 2080


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