Batik Buana Mas Cirebon – West Java

Batik style from Cirebon


Buana Mas is a traditional batik craftsmen of Cirebon since years ago until now on. The workshop bequeath Batik art and culture, preserve and develop it, so Batik became a national asset and to be proud by Indonesia. Settled in Cirebon, West Java, this Batik house has exported its products to many countries.


Batik Buana Mas House
Mrs. Elivinia
Jl. Trusmi Kulon, Plered, Cirebon
Phone / Fax: +62-231-323255

Jl. Kavling Kusuma Indah I 24 Setu Kulon
Weru – Cirebon – West Java
Phone / Fax: +62-231-320095
Mobile: +62-8131323-5555
Email: /

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