Types and Characteristics of Textile Crafts

Who doesn’t know textiles? Textiles are one of the materials used in making clothes that we use every day. Textile is a material that made from fibers and then processed into yarn. Textiles can be knitted or woven into cloth, which is the main material for making clothes. However, it turns out that textiles can be processed into handicrafts with artistic value. Textile crafts can be made manually (by hand) or using tools. If processed into crafts, textiles can processed into various types of handicrafts. What are? Textile crafts have five types of crafts:

Batik Craft
Batik crafts can be made using ink or in a modern way, using a machine. For the process of making batik using ink, it is usually made of wax that has been melted first. Then the process of drawing the motif using canting. As for the modern method, usually the motif on the batik produced from a stamp.

Embroidery Crafts
Embroidery crafts are the process of embroidering on cloth with threads and needles. Generally, this craft is often found in embroidered ornaments on clothes. Because usually embroidery crafts are used to give certain motifs to make it more beautiful.

Patchwork Sewing Craft
Patchwork sewing is done by sewing and combining patchwork (scraps of fabric). This craft can processed into clothes, blankets, dolls and so on. For patchwork sewing crafts, it does use fabric scraps that still suitable for use and can processed into new items or crafts. In addition, the motifs in this craft are unique, because usually in one object there are various motifs from patchwork.

Screen Printing Crafts
Screen printing is done by using a machine to print motifs on the fabric. Usually used when making clothes. In the process of making screen printing crafts, it does require a special machine to print motifs on objects.

Knitting Crafts
Knitting crafts are done by stringing a special rope or yarn. Knitting crafts are also done using special needles. This type of craft can processed into bags, wallets, and so on. In the manufacturing process, knitting crafts are generally used manually or by hand.

Because the textile materials used in crafts are the same as the materials in making clothes, their characteristics do not differ much. The characteristics of textile crafts are that they can absorb water and more flexible than other handicraft materials.


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