Beautiful and Unique Products from the Center of Handicraft Manufactures in Malang, East Java

Reviewing a wide range of potential areas in Indonesia indeed seemed never ending. One could even say the whole area over this country, from Sabang to Merauke, have excellent potential each of which can support the growth of local economies. One of these areas in Indonesia is ​​Malang which has excellent potential handicraft manufacture market that can penetrate into foreign markets. Malang has a lot of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and cooperative with superior quality and ready both compete locally and international. Many good craft manufacture such as wooden handicraft, bamboo and rattan woven handicraft, handicraft of animal miniature, feathers goose and sea sand craft, tempe cracker typically of Malang, pottery handicraft, banana wicker handicraft, mask handicraft, and many more unique handicrafts. All handicraft manufacture are managed to penetrate into world market.

Some featured SMEs that recently began popping up and enliven the market competition in Malang are derived from natural materials craft. Lately, manufacture of bags and footwear in Malang begin to innovate using raw materials from nature, such as patchwork, banana wicker, coconut shell, waste bamboo and rattan, cane, rushes, until a burlap sack former unused into creative products so pretty. Natural potential obtained from Malang and the surrounding area have many manufactured into various kinds of handicrafts with variety of models. Beside on that, there are unique handicraft from goose feathers and leaves that formed into a variety of decorations such as butterflies, dragonflies, peacocks, and flowers with various motifs and sizes. This craft can be used as a wedding gift, souvenir, decor, wall hangings, ornaments refrigerator, and ornate curtain or clothes. Besides crafts from goose feather, there are also producing various crafts such as vase from sea sand, tissue box, desk clock, pencil box, photo frame, and the various boxes beside on demand.

Malang is also one of the central areas of wooden furniture, rattan furniture and craftsmen of shadow puppet which has been rare to find. Products of shadow puppet have high cultural heritage value. In addition puppets, craftsmen also make various other handicraft products ​​from goat skin. Handicraft original from Malang is also famous with glass painting craft that is very beautiful and artistic. Quality of handicraft product from Malang is not only entice local consumers, but also the international market demand. So, let’s visit Department for Cooperatives Small and Medium Enterprises in Malang to know more about handicraft product and information detail of SMEs that supply the beautiful handicraft original from Malang


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