3 Categories of the Most Popular Household Furniture in Pandemic Period

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed people’s spending priorities, including home furnishings. There are three categories of products that are most in demand by consumers during the period of restrictions on activities outside the home. The first category is the need for work from home (WFH). In this case, supporting furniture, such as tables and chairs. […]

Home Decorating During Pandemic, 3 Local Cultures Are Trends in Choosing Furniture

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to stay at home. Then the hobby of decorating the house is becoming a trend. One thing that becoming a trend is cultural-themed furniture. Seeing Indonesia’s extraordinary wealth, old furniture with cultural theme has become a trend. People seem want to return to respecting local wisdom. While decorating, […]

Going Global with Folding Houses and Products from Bamboo

The bamboo house is one of the Indonesian products that very popular and sought after by buyers from various countries. One of the companies in Indonesia that produces bamboo furniture and housing needs is Dekor Asia. Not only folding bamboo houses, Dekor Asia has produced hundreds of product designs made of bamboo and wood. These […]

Located in Jepara Indonesia, this company provide high quality teak wood furniture and make Indonesia furniture to be a world class product

IFEX Virtual Expo Showcases Local Furniture and Handicrafts for Global Markets

The largest furniture and handicraft exhibition in the region, this year’s Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) was held differently. This year, IFEX is holding a series of virtual programs, one of which is the IFEX Virtual Expo, which held on March 11-14, 2021. IFEX Virtual Expo is the inaugural virtual exhibition, featuring 59 companies from […]

Production of Furniture from Used Wood, Pasuruan Property Agents Are Even Successful in the Middle of Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic is not a barrier for a craftsman to keep creating and innovating, as well as always exist in the business world. His name is Muslim, he did not get discouraged when the pandemic hit some of his businesses, in the property and advertising fields. He persisted even though he swerved to other […]

Qualiteak Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer

Qualiteak is a company that producing furniture and exporting to many different countries. With more than 20 years’ experience of working in teak outdoor furniture for worldwide market, this furniture manufacturer know that there are many aspects to reach. First target: customer satisfaction. Not only about reasonable price, but also it should be comfortable, has […]

Kalingga Putra Furniture Offers Outdoor Indoor, Home Doors, Woodworking Products

Jepara Furniture Has Good QualityFurniture products must in good quality because this product will be used for a long period of time. Jepara furniture products are made with very strong construction so that the products are known to be sturdy and durable in use. Jepara furniture products can last up to tens or even hundreds […]

Nusantara Jati – Outdoor Teak Garden Furniture Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Exporter

  As one kind of Teak outdoor furniture manufacturer is kind of outdoor furniture that is most in demand, both in the local and international markets, because this furniture has high stability and decorative value. Some teak manufactures even accept teak garden furniture custom design. As the name suggests, the raw material for teak furniture is […]

Farabi Cushion has been expanding into exporting one and producing variety of the cushion

FARABI CUSHION – Indoor and Outdoor Cushion Manufacturer from Indonesia with Cool and Unique Style

Farabi Cushion is manufacturer and exporter of cushion products for furniture. Settled in Jepara, Central Java, this company evolves to be able to supply various kinds of cushion products.  Farabi Cushion provides numerous kinds of cushion products for home decoration both indoor and outdoor, including bench cushions, deep seating cushions, folding chair cushions, stacking chair cushions, […]

Aulia Jati Furniture, Jepara – Central Java

Mostly native in South East Asian makes Indonesia as one of the countries that produce finest teak wood in the world. Indonesian teak wood comes from Indonesia’s rich forests, which now has been managed by government. It is in order to support the industry also as well as the sustainability of wood sources. Teak plantation […]