Craft Art as Handicraft

Craft art is a form of craft. While the craft is a form of skill. Crafts are works that made by hand. Then what is meant by craft art? Craft art is a work of art that produced by human hand skills. The work shows aesthetic value or beauty and can also function. Crafts can also be referred to as handicrafts. In terms, craft is taken from the Sanskrit “krya” which means to work. So in short, craft art is the art of handicrafts with the manufacturing process using human hands, and requires special skills.

Many are not aware that what people use on a daily basis is craft art, such as jewelry, wood products or furniture, clothing, and many others. Historically, craft art has been found since prehistoric times. Evidenced by the discovery of objects from the stone age. In the past these objects were made with clay, stone, and metal that had functions and benefits, such as for hunting, shelter, and farming. This then developed by adding artistic value or art, such as pottery making with some decorations. Crafts or handicrafts are never separated from decorative arts and applied arts.

Decorative arts also apply craft art because it is an ornamental and functional work on ceramics, glass, metal, wood, and textiles. The application of crafts in the art of decoration can be seen from the use of pottery, furniture, furnishings, interior design, and architecture. Crafts and decorative arts also always go hand in hand with applied arts. Describe the field of creative activity in applying design and aesthetics to objects that are used daily. The activities of architecture, interior design, graphic design, fashion design, and industrial design are an applied art that combines decorative arts and crafts. There are hundreds or even thousands of types of craft arts or crafts. Some of them are classified according to the material of manufacture. Some of them, such as textile crafts that use basic fabric materials that combine art and function, such as knitting, embroidery, crochet, and weaving.

Wooden craft is an art of handicrafts made of wood. However, not only aesthetics are displayed, but also use values. For example, wooden beds, wooden masks, chairs, carving cabinets, and others. Paper craft is a handicraft art that uses paper as basic materials such as origami (folding paper), collages, and many others. Metal crafts are handcrafted arts that use metal base materials and certain techniques to form metal as desired. For example, like jewelry. Usually, jewelry is shaped according to the wishes of its users. There are still many other craft materials that can still be used, such as stone, ceramics, and leather.


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