Crafts from Waste Paper Materials

The existence of waste is not only a problem for the wider community, the existence of waste can also be beneficial for the community and have a high selling value. The process by utilizing the waste itself, get various skills that attractive for the people around. The waste used is organic waste. One of the organic wastes that can be made skills is paper waste. Paper has a unique character, in which it consists of thin and flat material resulting from compression of fibers. The fiber used usually natural fiber and contains cellulose. The rough surface actually makes the paper look more natural and artistic.

Paper is also a lightweight, easy-to-use material. Generally, people use paper as a medium for writing, printing, drawing, wrapping, or packaging goods. After use, paper scraps are often thrown away. In fact, if it is used as an interesting work, it will benefit the people around. By turning paper waste into beautiful works of art, it will increase the price. Many people are interested in having it. In addition to being useful again, the results of used paper craft products can be a business opportunity. Paper is a material that is lightweight and easy to use, even using and playing with textures can produce interesting works.

But not a few people still think that paper has a fragile character and is easily destroyed, especially when exposed to water.


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