East Kalimantan Handicrafts, a Form of Indonesian Cultural Heritage

The handicrafts of East Kalimantan are one of the cultural heritages that have recently begun to fade. Various forms of wicker handicrafts made of bamboo which have been an example of local culture are slowly being abandoned and replaced with modern tools due to the times.

The forms of East Kalimantan handicrafts such as tray, cahung, saung seling, raung tamar, solong penias, reing or baskets become crafts that have been made for generations. This craft is a part of people’s daily life. Like solong penias, handicrafts are shaped like baskets, used to put rice seeds to be planted when the rice planting season arrives.

Solong penias are widely used by Paser people, East Kalimantan, to store rice seeds. Although slowly this craft is almost extinct and starting to be replaced with more modern tools such as plastic bottles, the value of local wisdom from this craft will not be replaced.


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