Indah Asri – Dried Flower Crafts

fried flowers art, handmade jewelry, nature beads accessories

Indah Asri has speciality in creating beautiful flower crafts with dried flowers and leaves. From the dried material, it is recolored and reshaped into new form of flower as home decorations. Besides, they also creates jewelry from beads or nature beads. Some of the bead materials are from wood beads or seeds.

dried flowers, handmade craft, flower decoration
art jewelry, nature beads, handmade accessories

To see their collections, you can visit:
Indah Asri / Neluwung Art
Jl Tukad Badung No 107 B Renon
Denpasar – Bali

Mrs Asri Restuastuti (The Owner)

More products, please visit:

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