Indonesia as a Rice Growing Country

As an agricultural country, Indonesian people must learn how to cultivate rice plants properly and correctly. Because most Indonesian people consume rice as a staple food. The high carbohydrate content and good taste make rice chosen as one of the favorite foods for the people of Indonesia. Therefore, the demand for rice in Indonesia is very large, so the government has to import rice from abroad to meet domestic needs.

As an agricultural country, Indonesia should be able to produce its own rice from the cultivation of rice plants that can grow at dawn in Indonesia. Therefore, the opportunity to cultivate rice is very promising, especially with the very rapid population growth that will definitely affect the demand for rice.

To get quality rice yields you must know how to cultivate rice properly and correctly. The first thing you must have is the sincerity to cultivate this plant, by dedicating 100% of your energy and mind to cultivating this plant, you will get abundant harvests. So that the results of rice cultivation are abundant, you can learn how.

The main thing you have to prepare is before planting rice. You have to clear the land to be planted. Clean various weeds such as grass, shrubs and other things that might interfere with the development of rice plants. Preparing a good planting area for plants will encourage good growth.

After the land get clear of weeds, the next step is to provide water flow to the land. This process aims to loosen the soil so that it is easy to plow using traditional or modern tools.

After the planting area get loose, flood the land with water until it reaches 5-10 cm height. While, to adjust the water level can be by opening and closing access of the water door at the irrigation area. Leave the land for 2 weeks so that the toxins in the soil become neutral and muddy.


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