Kaemara Danastri Gallery – Handicraft Products Original From Blora, Central Java

This gallery provides a wide range of handicraft and furniture products made from teak with good quality

This gallery is center of the teak root and wood crafts in Blora. This gallery provides a wide range of handicraft products and furniture made from roots with good quality. This teak root and wood craft, requires high precision and artistic creativity, because not everyone can sculpt twigs roots. Teak root can create in any crafts product based on the market want. Before sculpted or carved, the wooden roots allowed to advance in open space so that rain and heat will treat it. When dried and when rain and heat is coming, the wood will show its quality. If it is not damaged, it means that the wood quality is really good.


This gallery supplies various kind of teak root and wood handmade craft, such as calligraphy wall decoration, picture frames, antique and decorative lamps, unique tissue box, crates, vases, accessories for home decoration and many products which use selected wood as its main material. Besides on that, this gallery sells mask and miniature puppet that made from silver sterling. Each product of this gallery has made one by one in handmade and every process requires precision and caution so as not to distort the shape that has been made

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Mrs. Vitri
Jl. Gunandar No. 8A Blora – Central Java
Phone: +62 96 533 287
Fax: + 62 96 531 946
Mobile: + 62 818 929 308 / +62 818 072 831 78
Email: vitridanastri@yahoo.co.id


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