Konstinopel – Nature Fiber Shoes from West Java

nature fiber shoes, ramie fiber, pina fiber, abaca fiber, cocofiber
    Konstinopel creates shoes from nature fiber. Using several kind of fiber such as Ramie fiber (Boehmeria Nivea), Pina Fiber (Pineapple), Abaca Fiber (Banana leaf), Cocofiber (Coconut), etc, Mr Yasin (the owner) produces adult and kids shoes in modern style.
    He uses water repellent substance to make sure the shoes are waterproof and antibacterial substance to remove unpleasant odor in shoes. All of the material are natural based and eco-friendly so it could be recycled.

Mr Yasin (The Owner)

Gallery & Workshop:
Komp. Margahurip Indah No.71
Banjaran Bandung

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