Leading Potential of Handicraft Industries in Lamongan, East Java

Reviewing a wide range of potential areas in Indonesia indeed seemed never ending. One could even say the whole area over the country, from Sabang to Merauke, have excellent potential each of which can support the growth of local economies. One of these areas in Indonesia is ​​Lamongan which has excellent potential handicraft industry market that can penetrate into foreign markets. Its location is quite strategic in the area of ​​crossing the north coast, making the economy of Lamongan run smoothly and growth of SMEs (Smile Micro Enterprise) in the region are getting rapidly Just one example of the craft manufacturer of recycled (water hyacinth handicraft, jute sacks, and pandan leaves), craftsmen of mat rolls, traditional ikat weaving, wingko babat (traditional cake typical of Lamongan), pottery manufacturers, and industry hijab bergo. All handicraft industries are managed to penetrate into world market.

Some featured SMEs that recently began popping up and enliven the market competition in Lamongan are derived from natural materials recycled craft industries. Lately, manufacturer of bags and footwear in Lamongan begin to innovate using raw materials from nature, such as dried hyacinth, pandanus leaves dry,banana leaves, coconut shells, broom stick, cane, rushes, until a burlap sack former unused into creative products so pretty. Natural potential obtained from Lamongan and the surrounding area have many manufactured into various kinds of ladies handbags, wallets, shoes, and sandals with a variety of models  The uniqueness of recycled products have now spread to almost all areas and managed to penetrate the export market to the countries of Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Middle East Asia, and Europe.

Besides on that, Lamongan is one of the central areas of ikat weaving fabric and cloth craft that quality is not only entice local consumers, but also the international market demand. Several centers of ikat weaving craft that can be found there in the Meduran District Lamongan or more precisely in the Parengan Village. Ikat weaving from Lamongan has a special characteristic that is more likely to use soft and natural colors, such as blue, red, black, and white. While the motive is often made is usually shaped mountain (triangles) as one of the symbols that Lamongan has many hills. The magnitude of the potential winning Lamongan gives considerable success for the surrounding communities to flourish run a variety of businesses.


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