Lenibian Shop – Collection of Batik Product and Moslem Fashion from Cirebon, West Java

Lenibian shop is one of Batik shop in Cirebon, West Java that provide Batik and hijab products. The shop has known very well by many moslem females that need to having beautiful scarf for their fashion. Lenibian supplies pashmina scarf, rectangular scarf, Batik Tulis (hand-writing), Batik Cap (stamp Batik) and many more products in variety colors and motifs. This shop also offers you female Moslem dress, batik, veil, hijab, mukena, accessories, and weaving clothing with affordable prices and best quality materials. This boutique always tries to pay attention the comfort in the selection of materials and always up to date with the latest fashion trends. Lenibian Shop is also diligent to update the resulting variations in diverse product shape, size, and price so as to meet the needs of Muslim fashion.

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Mrs. Leni Harlina
Jl. Syekh Datul Kahli no. 79, Plered, Cirebon – West Java
Mobile (Whatsapp): +62 857 2002 4399
Id Line: lenibian
Instagram: @lenibian


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