MAR KLIN – Handmade Soap Product from Group of Women Empowerment in Flats of Marunda, Jakarta

Flats (Rumah Susun in Bahasa) of Marunda has community social enterprise that transform many products into functional product through women empowerment. Flats of Marunda is supported by local government to initiate women groups of making craft. Group of women empowerment in Flats of Marunda is able to serve various kind of crafts and one of many functional products that very interesting and famous is Mar Klin. Mar Klin is brand of handmade soap like dishwasher soap, floor cleaners, and car wash soap that manufactured by women empowerment here.

Consisted of many variants, Mar Klin gives fragrance to your cutlery, vehicle, and the room. Mar Klin dishwasher soap with fruit fragrance is containing active substance to clean kitchen utensils and cutlery especially of stubborn fat. This dishwasher soap also contains substances disinfectant. Mar Klin floor cleaners drug with strawberry fragrance. In addition to make shiny floor, this floor cleaner also contains active substances and disinfectant, so the floor is not slippery. Mar Klin Car Wash Soap comes with fruity floral fragrance and fresh aroma. that can make your car or motorcycle become fresh and have good aroma.

Interested with Mar Klin? Please contact and visit group of women empowerment in Flats of Marunda

Mrs. Susanti and friends
Selling handmade soap (dishwasher soap, floor cleaner, and car washing soap)
Rusunawa Marunda Cluster B Blok III First Floor No. 102
Marunda, Cilincing – North Jakarta
Mobile: +62 878 8029 8909


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