Oemah Batik – Showroom and Gallery of Beautiful and Colorful Batik Garment in Jakarta

The beauty of Cirebon Batik should be preserved and more widely introduced to the general public. This beautiful masterpiece typical Cirebon is not only as a work culture that can enjoy its beauty. Moreover, the beauty and elegance of Cirebon Batik also contains the value and meaning of the philosophical culture into wealth archipelago. Oemah Batik Cirebon (Oemah is Javanese Language that has meaning “House”) provides various kind of beautiful batik garments in the form of fabric and cloth for local buyer, retail and wholesale. You can choose your favorite color and design of various batik items ranging from bolero, skirt, dress, and shirt with many colors and motifs in export quality.

The shop itself has sold to many places in Indonesia and guarantee that customers will get theirs goods after payment received. Oemah Batik Cirebon sells all kinds of Batik in various models and techniques (print, stamp, handwriting). Oemah Batik Cirevon provides Batik fabric that made from silk and cotton in various beautiful motifs. This shop always tries to produce comfortable clothes that make people feel happy and proud using Batik. All products here are handmade by skilled craftsman in West Java. So, for those of you who search Batik clothes for office or formal occasion, you may choose in Oemah Batik Cirebon. There are many new collections here.

Jl. Agung Indah II Blok L III / 9
Sunter Agung 14350 – Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: +62-21-6512363
Mobile: +62-818745508 (Suzana)
+62-85864512112 (Ciska)
Facebook: Oemah Batik Cirebon
Instagram: oemahbatikcirebon


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