Painting Home Furniture, Magic Antique Furniture So Beautiful

Creativity is endless, changing things to look different. Likewise, the household furniture in the Fairuz Art painting kitchen in Joyosudiran Village, Kliwon Market, Solo. Various household furniture has been transformed into attractive look. Until now, the design of 90’s era household furniture still looks the same. Creative ideas emerged, changing the appearance to be more artistic and modern.

This artist, named Fairuz Ali Ba’asir, filled his house with new items of antique models. It looks like some items are going through the drying step. Who would have thought, the product has customers to foreign countries. Several restaurants in Korea, Japan, and Australia were found to have purchased this beautiful painted furniture. Apart from being home furnishings, these antique furniture paintings are beautiful decorations. It seems simple, but the striking colors combine with the classic design. Owning this piece of furniture feels amidst the changes of ancient and modern times.

The ancients called it the cymbal cup. A glass made of iron sheeting, with a conical lid on top. Parents used to brew tea and coffee in this container. At first it was white filled with green motifs like cendol on dawet. Neither is the kettle, or the teapot, the exact same color.

In this place the old impression is deliberately disguised. With colorful paint, make these ancient items more striking. The motif is beautiful, filled with leaves complete with charming floral accents. Various types of other antique furniture were also decorated. The place for crackers, place for rice, kerosene lamp made were also painted. Trash cans, serving hoods made of bamboo, to pots. Antiques are slowly but surely painted by skillful hands.

At first the surface of this antique was coated with a base paint. Durable paint is applied to this iron sheeting metal surface. Striking colors are chosen as the basis. Light green, sky blue, pink, red, to black. If it is completely covered with primer, the furniture should be dried in the sun immediately. It only takes 3-4 hours for the paint to dry.

The next step is to paint various motifs on antique furniture. So used to it, Fairuz doesn’t need a pattern. He uses various brush sizes to get the desired texture. Deftly, slowly beautiful motifs emerged. Painting this antique furniture also requires extra precision. The practice is different from painting on a flat plane. The small crevices on the surface of this antique are hard to reach. Especially in the petromax lamp with its hanger and frame.

The last step is the drying process for the second time. This step will dry the ink on the finished motif. While waiting to dry, Fairuz often checks the quality of the finished paint. Sometimes the color is not bright enough, so you have to coat it with additional paint.

Unlike the serving hood made of woven bamboo. The paint used is colorful wood paint. The concept of antiques so beautiful is tried to be applied to all antiques that allow it to be changed in appearance.

The product is now so well-sold in the market. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, there are no fewer customers for painted kitchen furniture. Starting from offering colorfully painted tableware at the Triwindu Antique Market. Now the products are popular with visitors to sell well.

Armed with an understanding of technology, now their products are able to be sold to big cities. Yogyakarta, Semarang, and Bandung are the destinations for this colorful home furnishings from Solo.

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