Porang Export Reaches IDR 1 Trillion, Government Develops Seeds with Network Culture

Aiming to increase the export value of porang, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia will improve the quality of porang seeds with tissue culture. The Director General of Food Crops at the Ministry of Agriculture said that in 2018 the Department of Agriculture recorded that porang exports reached 11,000 tons with a value of approximately Rp. 1 trillion. The center is in East Java.

The government has also improved the quality of porang seedlings through the development of the availability of porang seedlings with tissue culture. So far, farmers get porang seeds by developing from bulbs, from frogs or bulbils or from seeds in porang flowers. We have tried the technique with tissue culture, we have started to move there, we just have to look for efficiency so that the tissue culture technique will be more efficient than conventional seed patterns.

The government also encourages an increase in derivative products to be exported because so far the exported porang is chips or powder whose export value is still below of the derivative products. There are 43 derivative products that have high selling value. Even though the benefits can be for collagen, anti-aging, and other derivative products, it has been calculated that there are about 43 types of derivative products from porang. The value is much higher even though the volume is small and the price is more expensive.


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