Putri Nabila Batik – Shop and Supplier of Batik Fabric and Cloth with Sogan Motif from Central Java

Putri Nabila Batik is one of Batik shop which offers unique and fashionable Batik products. Some of Putri Nabila Batik products are all kind of Batik fabrics and clothes in various models and techniques (print, stamp, drawing). This workshop also offers Sragen batik motif with classic colors mix and it is famous with its sogan (brown) color batik. In addition to batik cloth, Putri Nabila also supplies various kinds of batik fabric with unique batik motifs from various regions in Indonesia. The batik fabric in the shop has made by the skilled craftsmen workshop from Central Java area, so the quality is very concerned and the quality guaranteed. Putri Nabila Batik also has committed to develop a local batik craftsmen. While Sragen Batik has the biggest textile and interesting batik motif, then Putri Nabila Batik is the perfect place to visit and to buy Batik products. Let’s contact and order product of this shop as wholesale or retail.

Juniawan – Enik H 

Kuyang, RT 04 Kliwonan,
Masaran, Sragen 57282 – Central Java
Mobile: +62-82135663363 / +62-8886703071


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