Small Crabs Has High Export Demands

Marine products are one of Indonesia’s products with high export demand. Indonesian fishery products are dominated by the export value of five main commodities, that are shrimp, tuna, crab, small crab, squid-octopus and seaweed. All Indonesian sea products deserve appreciation because all products are fresh and only exist in Indonesia. One of them is small crab or it say as ‘Rajungan’ by Indonesian. The animal which similar to crabs are showing their prestige in the export trade. Many export requests from western countries. Preliminary data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in 2019 recorded the value of crabs exports including small crabs reach IDR 5,35 trillion. This figure is the result of small crab sales of 25.9 thousand tons.

rajungan or also called as small crabs

There are five Rajungan Fish Processing Unit (UPI) from Demak and Rembang Regencies that usually export small crab commodities. One of the main suppliers comes from Betahwalang Village, Demak Regency. Small crab market share not only in the United States and Hong Kong. A number of other countries that accept crabs exports are China, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, France, and the United Kingdom. However, America is still the largest market for small crab exports. Exported products are dominated by processed products in airtight or canned packaging. The demand for similar products is expected to continue to grow.

Crab and small crab are marine animals that both are in crustaceans family, hard skin animals. Both of them appear to have the same shape. Though both different body shapes. Small crab has a slimmer body, longer and slimmer claws. While crabs have rounded or thicker bodies or shells. Although not too long, crab claws are larger than small crab claws.

The colors of both are also different, the small crab is greenish with white patches (female) and bluish bright white spots (male). While crabs, both females or males, only have one color that is brownish green.


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