SMESCO Looking for Cool SMEs

The number of national exports increased in the third quarter of 2021 with the export value increasing by 22.71% compared to the third quarter of 2020 of 17.24%. Of this amount, the contribution of SMEs to exports is only 15.69%, still low compared to Singapore at 41%, Thailand at 29%, or China at 60%. The government targets the contribution of SMEs in 2024 to increase to 17%.

Programs are needed to encourage more SMEs that are ready to export. The program can be through international standardization facilities for SMEs, export schools, training for export SMEs, export financing, export information systems, and international exhibitions, as well as other export improvement cooperation.

In an effort to develop SME exports in Indonesia, Smesco collaborated with PT Bawa Indonesia Global (BIG) has provide business assistance for SMEs to enter the export market. BIG is a tech company that aims to improve supply chain processes for local businesses.

This assistance is specifically for SMEs with the following categories:

  • Traditional woven fabric with eco-friendly dyes
  • Recycled material products (jewellery)
  • Leather craftsman from calf, python, crocodile


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