Sunardi Batik – Collection of Batik Yogyakarta with Variety Motifs and Designs Original from Yogyakarta

Batik Yogyakarta is one type of batik motifs that favored by many people. Even if you visit to the city of Yogyakarta, surely you will see many people using Batik Yogyakarta. Because Yogyakarta including the city that is still strong in implementing shared culture including one culture to use and make batik. As we know, Batik Yogyakarta is one of the famous batik centers in Central Java. Batik Yogyakarta also has been known since long. The hallmark of Yogyakarta batik is from the background or base color fabric. The basic color of Yogyakarta batik fabrics are of two kinds, white and black. For the color of batik can be white, dark blue -black, and brown Soga.

Sunardi Batik is a Batik brand that is well known by the people of Yogyakarta and Central Java. This batik workshop also has a showroom at the Beringharjo Market and Malioboro area, where this market is very strategic location and Malioboro is the center of Yogyakarta tourism and gallery of souvenir. Sunardi Batik is active in various exhibitions. This batik workshop provides many kind of Batik motifs and designs from Yogyakarta particular area. Sunardi Batik is a batik manufacturer that focusing on quality and providing the needs of professionals classy shirt and fabric.

Sunardi Batik offers the handmade Batik products in variety motifs typical of Yogyakarta, there are motifs of bouquet, ceplok, kawung, kelir, lereng, nitik, parang, seling, sido luhur, sogan, truntum, tumpal, udan liris, and wirasat. All products are made by skilled Batik artists from several Batik area. Unique characteristics of this brand can be seen from the originality of design, quality materials and stitching quality. Using batik products of Sunardi Batik can make you look more elegant and dignified in various events.

Adress: 1. UGM Area, Bulak Sumur Jogjakarta
2. Jl Malioboro No.95, Ngupasan, Gondomanan, Yogyakarta
3. Pasar Beringharjo
Phone: +62 274 582 569
Mobile: +62 852 2904 5031


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