Be Patient Shoes – Trendy Shoes and Sandals for Women Combined with Ethnic Fabric from Indonesia

Be Patient is homemade products that has very famous in production of sandals and shoes for women because the handmade shoes and sandals is in very good products that combined with ethnic traditional fabric but still in modern style. All sandals and shoes products here are so strong and beautiful. Motif of traditional fabric that applied […]

Wastraloka – Traditional Ethnic Utensil and Can Craft from Yogyakarta

Wastraloka was established in Yogyakarta since 1974. They keep doing innovation to create handicrafts in wood and can material. Some of their well-made stuffs is like traditional kitchen utensils and tea set within batik and floral motif on the surfaces. Various kind of can products are sold on the market in Yogyakarta area even to the outer area. […]

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Kayutangi Art – Bekapang Wood

Kayutangi Art is a workshop which uses bekapang wood as its main material. As the founder, Mr Firdaus wants to modify wasted woods become something valuable. Bekapang is an old wood which is remained inside water/river for long time and spoiled by water-worm until it has unique hole textures. By the material, Kayutangi creates many […]