Waste wood and teak root products of Akar Jaya are made by skilled craftsmen and experts, who faithfully follow the projects of the great home furniture design

Furniture Products Become One of the Mainstay of Indonesia Exports

The Indonesian Minister of Trade said that furniture and handicraft products are Indonesia’s main export commodities. He said enthusiasts of Indonesian furniture and handicraft products are spread in various countries in the world. Indonesian furniture and handicraft products are one of Indonesia’s mainstay export commodities whose quality has been recognized internationally. Indonesian furniture and handicrafts […]

Located in Jepara Indonesia, this company provide high quality teak wood furniture and make Indonesia furniture to be a world class product

IFEX Virtual Expo Showcases Local Furniture and Handicrafts for Global Markets

The largest furniture and handicraft exhibition in the region, this year’s Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) was held differently. This year, IFEX is holding a series of virtual programs, one of which is the IFEX Virtual Expo, which held on March 11-14, 2021. IFEX Virtual Expo is the inaugural virtual exhibition, featuring 59 companies from […]