Sunardi Batik – Collection of Batik Yogyakarta with Variety Motifs and Designs Original from Yogyakarta

Batik Yogyakarta is one type of batik motifs that favored by many people. Even if you visit to the city of Yogyakarta, surely you will see many people using Batik Yogyakarta. Because Yogyakarta including the city that is still strong in implementing shared culture including one culture to use and make batik. As we know, […]

Paras Ayu Jogja: Collection of Beautiful Batik and Maxi Dress for Moslem Style – Yogyakarta, Indonesia

There are many products of Moslem fashion and handbag collection in Paras Ayu Jogja. This collection offers you female Moslem cloth from batik dress, batik long shirt, and style maxi dress with affordable prices and quality materials. Besides on that, Paras Ayu Jogja also provides modern handbag with batik motif. Since its establishment until now, […]