Daun Agel – Gallery and Handicraft Training for Variety of Handbag Craft Made from Natural Material

Daun Agel is enterprise and gallery that producing a range of handicraft from natural materials, especially from sewage plant. The material is mostly made by leaves and root. Daun Agel always keep doing innovation to create handicrafts in sewage plant material that it can be still used to serve as beautiful handicraft. Some of their well-made […]

JF Bags – Brand of Handbag Product Made of Woven Processing – Shop in Semarang, Central Java

JF Bags is a distinctive fashion brand for handbag product that integrating innovative design with highest quality genuine material to improve human life through beauty and functionality. Supported by artisan handwoven craftsmanship, woven bags of JF Bags are always up to date and following the new trend. Combining signature fine fabric material with grade genuine leather, all handbag products from […]