This manufacture produce various types of Natural Stone products, such as Pebble and Marble Mosaic on mesh

Sinar Batu Alam – Natural Stone Manufacture and Exporter from Sidoarjo, East Java

SINAR BATU ALAM  is the leading manufacture and exporter for  Indonesia Natural Stone, located in Sidoarjo, East Java – Indonesia. This manufacture was established in 1998, built with competence experience and skills by the owner, Mr. Hono Edi Saputro.  Motto of Sinar Batu Alam is “On Time Delivery, Excellent Services, Good Quaility and Competitive prices“. Sinar […]

Natural Stone Original from Tulunggung

Abimanyu Stone Shop – Natural Stone Products from Tulungagung, East Java

For centuries, stone has been used by nearly all civilizations. Natural stone is used as architectural stone (construction, flooring, cladding, counter tops, curbing, etc.) and monument stone for the funerary trade. Natural stone is also used in custom stone engraving which can be either decorative or functional. The beautiful natural stone has a kind variety […]

this shop suppplies various models of marble craft and furniture

Onyx Products From Tulungagung – East Java

Those beautiful and durable stone craft products is commonly referred to as onyx or marble products. This kind of stone usually used for craft, furniture and interior need. There are many natural stone collector like to have those stone products for their home.   One of regency that known as marble producer is Tulungagung, precisely […]

this gemstone shop offers you Pacitan stone products for your fashion accessories

Unique Gemstones From Pacitan – East Java

Pacitan is one of area in East Java province that rich of gemstone because of the climate and geographic factor. There has found various kind of gemstone around Pacitan river. The gemstones are Chalcedony type which has light color so it looks so bright and has some fiber called Turtle’s back. Ndasar hill has known […]