Beautiful Woven Handicraft and Traditional Cloth from Skilled Craftsmen “Kumang Pegari” in West Kalimantan

Woven Craft (Weaving) has a meaning, historical value, and high techniques of its colors, patterns, and type of material. Here is the weaving gallery from West Kalimantan. There are many handicraft products made from ikat fabric with weaving process. Dewan Kerajinan Nasional Daerah (Dekranasda) in Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan, presents various kind of weaving crafts created by craftsmen from West Kalimantan with […]

JumbaJamba – Handcrafted of Animal Kingdom with Unique Motif and Cute Design from Indonesia

JumbaJamba presents handmade products in the form of cute pillow and lovely doll with theme and character of animal kingdom, such as owl, tiger, penguin, elephant, and other character of animals. In addition to pillow and doll, JumbaJamba also provides fashion accessories and beautiful women accessories like hairband, hair clip, embroidery brooch, unique hairband, and other […]

On&On – Gallery of Innovation Fabric Goods for Home Interior, Original from Indonesia

On&On is an expatriate management team that has been successfully manufacturing and supplying a fine fabric interior and fabric in the form of beautiful pillow case and sofa for your home furniture. Besides on that, this gallery also provide various kind of kitchen interior furniture in the form of coaster, cutting board, and table matt. […]

Products from Top Pillow that sold very well in the market are plush dolls such as neck pillows, car pillows and room freshener pillows

Top Pillow – Producer and Supplier of Healthy Pillow and Bolster Made of Dacron from Mojokerto, East Java

Top pillow is a brand of various kind pillows and bolsters products that are made from dacron material. This workshop sells range of pillows and bolsters with various kind of model and motif such as batik pattern and motif, stuffed pillow with cartoon character motif, and pillows that make your journey feel more comfortable because […]