Waste wood and teak root products of Akar Jaya are made by skilled craftsmen and experts, who faithfully follow the projects of the great home furniture design

Akar Jaya Waste Wood – Furniture Craft Center of Recycled Wood with Elegant Design from Madiun, East Java

Akar Jaya is a workshop that processing of waste and recycled wood in a such way so that becomes amazing craft products. Akar Jaya creates the wood waste production and processes it into table, living room set, chairs, shelves and variety beautiful furniture products. This workshop has many kinds of design furniture both indoor and outdoor. Akar […]

Lani Lantera – Gallery of Useful Recycled Wooden Craft and Furniture from Bandung, West Java

When making stuff out of wood, the industry usually leaves the unused portion. The unused portion is often discarded because they can’t be used again. Wood was able to directly fuse with nature, so no need to worry about contamination. But apparently there are advantage of this recycled wood. Recycled wood actually could be a […]

Kayu Lama, Semarang

KayuLama is the fast growing furniture factory set in the mid of Java Island in the heart of Indonesian Furniture Industry. Their name originate from Indonesian words that means old Wood, and the fact their furniture range made from Old teak wood. Founded in 1998 and operated under Indonesian young and creative generations and employs […]