Titi Collection – Handicraft Product from Small Business of Women Association in East Java

Titi Collection is able to serve various kind of crafts that made of sewing and weaving process such as handbags, shirts, table cloth, woven fabric, and many products with various types of shape that is very suited to complement the beauty or household supplies. Titi Collection is one of women small and micro enterprises in East java. By […]

Amira Handicraft – Gallery of Embroidery Craft and Patchwork Creation from Surabaya, East Java

Patchwork is a “waste” fabric remnants which the most people look the fabric is no longer useful. But in the hands of creative people, patchwork can be transformed into a beautiful bed covers, blankets, curtains, bags, dolls, coasters, and others. Utilization of patchwork fabric can rag to beautify the room, living room, or in every corner […]

Kirei Na – Creative Enterprise of Knitting and Crochet Craft Original from Depok, West Java

Kirei Na is a creative enterprise of knitting handmade crafts and crochet specialist. Kirei Na produces various kinds of knitting products, including: knitted shoes, knitted tote bag, knitted pillow, knitted tablecloth, and other products with the design, colors, and sizes according to customer demand. Kirei Na also supplies various kind of accessories ranging from wallet, mobile phone case, hairband […]

Miglia – Craft Center of Home Cushion and Fabric-Based Products from Depok, West Java

Miglia is fabric craft center with an expatriate management team that has been successfully providing various pieces of cushion and fashion tote bag with simple, clean and minimalist that look charmingly to match with the accessories crafts. The material is mostly made by fabric with art design. Located in Depok, Miglia produces various kind of accessories ranging from various kind […]