Wastraloka – Traditional Ethnic Utensil and Can Craft from Yogyakarta

Wastraloka was established in Yogyakarta since 1974. They keep doing innovation to create handicrafts in wood and can material. Some of their well-made stuffs is like traditional kitchen utensils and tea set within batik and floral motif on the surfaces. Various kind of can products are sold on the market in Yogyakarta area even to the outer area. […]

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Unique Metal and Tin Craft of Cooperative & Union “Rancage” in Bogor, West Java

Bogor, a city famous for “rain” also has a product that is equally well known as Taro Bogor. Yup, Kampung Kaleng (cans village) that located in Citeureup districts is famous place in Bogor with a lot of metal products such as; aluminum, galvalum, steel, zinc, etc. Business Multipurpose Cooperative “Rancage” is an all-round cooperative businesses […]