JF Bags – Brand of Handbag Product Made of Woven Processing – Shop in Semarang, Central Java

JF Bags is a distinctive fashion brand for handbag product that integrating innovative design with highest quality genuine material to improve human life through beauty and functionality. Supported by artisan handwoven craftsmanship, woven bags of JF Bags are always up to date and following the new trend. Combining signature fine fabric material with grade genuine leather, all handbag products from […]

Yuan Batik – Gallery Shop of Batik Shirt, Dress, and Beautiful Painting Cloth from Surabaya, East Java

Yuan Batik is gallery shop of fashion clothes and accessories. The specification of fashion and accessories shop in Yuan Batik Shop is batik garment, painting cloth, and woven wallet. Yuan Batik offers you female batik cloth, include batik dress, batik long shirt, and style maxi dress with affordable prices and quality materials. This shop has a lot of unique […]

Borneo Chic – Variety of Woven Craft Products and Heritage Art, Jakarta

Borneo Chic was then established as the marketing arm of Crafts Kalimantan in the belief that continued and increased sales of traditional craft would revive the Dayak weaving traditions across the island. Crafts Kalimantan is a network of indigenous artisans of Kalimantan and their NGO (Non-Government Organizations) support groups. Seeing the potential of organized, expanded […]