The Craft Industry in Kotagede

Kotagede, a sub-district located in Yogyakarta city, Province of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY). This area is bordered by Bantul Regency in the north, east and south, and is bordered by Umbulharjo District in the west.

Since ancient times, the indigenous people of Kotagede which called as Kalang people, have the expertise to make wood, silver and gold carving crafts. So, it is not surprising that later Kotagede became a center for beautiful silver crafts and widely known to the world. Now Kotagede has even become synonymous with silver crafts.

Hundreds of Kotagede people dedicated their livelihood to this silver craft. Along the main road is lined with shops selling silver crafts. The words ‘silver’ are printed on either side of Jalan Kemasan, Jalan Mondorakan, and Jalan Tegal-gendu.

Silver craftsmen in Kotagede are famous for their unique products, smooth and painstaking in working on their silver products to produce high-value works of art. Hundreds of types of silver crafts are produced by silver craftsmen, ranging from rings, earrings, brooches, miniature bicycles, tricycles, andhongs, miniature of ships and various other decorations.

In Indonesia itself, the craft industry has developed in a number of regions, such as Yogyakarta, Bandung, Jakarta, Solo, and Bali. For Yogyakarta, for example, the handicraft product industry is growing rapidly. Starting from batik, weaving, wood carving, traditional woven (ikat cloth), ceramic pottery to silver jewelry. However, creativity and innovation must continue to be improved by producers/craftsmen of handicraft products, so that they can also follow market tastes.

The competitiveness of the creative industry for handicraft products must continue to be improved. This is due to the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic and international markets. Craft product designs that continue to develop and always follow market trends must also be carried out by craft industry players.


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