Tools and Materials for Making Crafts from Paper Waste

Paper is part of dry organic waste. The character of paper has wide pores so that it is easily destroyed and easily absorbs water in a short time. Although paper is easily destroyed when exposed to water, but if it is used as a base material for paper craft products it can be processed in such a way so that it does not easily crumble. Do it by adding glue or waterproof protective substances such as melanin or polish, so that the craft products can last a long time, not easily damaged, and look stronger. The following are materials and tools for making crafts from paper waste:

Scrap Paper
Unused paper or paper that is no longer used, used as the main material and needed to make the frame. Paper that can used are magazines or newspapers. Before making crafts, first sorted or according to the craft plan that will be made. Soaked the scrap papers about 16 hours.

Paper Glue
An equally important tool for making crafts from paper waste is paper glue. Glue is used to strengthen processed papers which are then used as craft frameworks. So that the handicrafts obtained are strong and can last a long time and are not easily damaged.

Scissors are used to cut patterns, threads or others that needed in making crafts. In addition to scissors, you can also use a cutter which is needed for cutting at any time. Utilization of paper waste does not need special handling like other types of organic waste. So that in the process of making various crafts, there are no obstacles or problems.

If your equipment is complete, you can start making various handicraft products from paper waste that you have soaked and turned into paper pulp. Some examples of handicraft products from paper waste include: tissue holders, jewelry boxes, and others.


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