Types and Characteristics of Mixed Media-Based Crafts

Mixed media-based crafts are works made with the aim of changing the shape of an object. In other words, crafts that were originally made from one type of material can combined with other compositions to make them more attractive.

Changes made in mixed media-based craft concept do not diminish its function. Mixed media based crafts are made using natural and artificial materials as needed.

Each material used to make handicrafts based on mixed media has its own types and characteristics. Here are some types and characteristics of mixed media based handicrafts.

The stones used in making handicrafts based on mixed media consist of gems, precious, and carnelian. Various shapes, textures, and colors of stones that look attractive can be combined with other materials such as metal or wood.

Silver is one type of metal that often used for handicrafts based on mixed media. This material has affordable price and will make the crafts looks more elegant. Mixed media based crafts that use metal will go through a painting or plating process as a measure to prevent corrosion.

Plastics can be processed into various forms, from bottles, glasses, household furniture, to bags. However, the most plentiful use of plastic as a mixed-media based craft is bottles. The choice of bottles as one of the materials is due to the presence of a surface that hard enough but easy to formed. Bottles can be paired with cloth or metal in the process of making mixed-media based crafts.

Wood can be used as household furniture such as tables, chairs and doors. Wood can also used as a material for handicrafts based on mixed media combined with metal or glass.

Ceramics have properties that determined by their crystal structure, chemical composition, and soil-borne minerals. Ceramic materials that often used in making handicrafts based on mixed media include feldspar, ball clay, quartz and kaolin. The use of ceramics as a craft material based on mixed media is due to the fact that the compounds are more stable in the environment.


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