Various Kind of Quality Handicrafts from Magetan, East Java

Hearing the word of “Magetan”, probably for most people will immediately think about Sarangan Lake, because Sarangan Lake is one of the tourist icons of Magetan that located at the foot of the Lawu Mountain. Not only that, Magetan also has other icons that are not less interesting to visit because location of Magetan is quite and making the handicraft center of Magetan run smoothly. Just one example is regional leather craft that located in Jalan Sawo, Selosari Village. There are the center leather craft manufacturer that offering a variety of types and models of leather shoes, sandals, jackets, bags, caps, belts, handbags and wallets both men and women with various kind of sizes and colors. The leather products are in international quality that made from selected cow leather original from Magetan by skilled craftsman. In addition to leather craft, Magetan is also the center of clay craft that is used for roof products.

Besides on that, Magetan is the center of wooden and bamboo woven handicraft in the form of a wide assortment of souvenirs such as snack box, hamper, the hood of food, tissue boxes, baskets parcels, until furnishings wooden furniture include coffee table, long chair, etc. as well as woven bamboo room divider. All products are made by skilled and professional craftsman and taken from high quality raw material of bamboo. All bamboo handicrafts are also made with selected and finest material with different design and models that fit customers` needs and taste both simple design and fully handmade. In addition to center of bamboo woven craft, Magetan is also the making center of traditional instrument such as gamelan orchestra that made from brass material and have high cultural heritage value.

Magetan is also one of the central areas of batik handicraft. There are many types of Batik from Magetan, such as; handwriting Batik, stamp Batik, semi handwriting Batik and various beautiful motifs that have been known to the public. The Batik fabric in the shop has made by the owner workshop, so the quality is very concerned and the quality guaranteed. Handicraft original from Magetan is also famous with plane miniature in various motifs and forms using quality wooden. Selected wooden as its main material has converted into a very beautiful and unique plane miniature ship with various colors. Plane miniature crafts are very suitable for your home decoration and souvenir or gift. Quality of handicraft product from Magetan is not only entice local consumers, but also the international market demand. So, let’s visit Department for Cooperatives Small and Medium Enterprises in Magetan to know more about handicraft product and information detail of SMEs that supply the beautiful handicraft original from Magetan.


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