Excelsa Coffee, the Featured Product of Carangwulung Village, Wonosalam

Carangwulung Wonosalam Village is one of the villages that produces the best coffee in Jombang Regency – East Java province in Indonesia. Particularly, the Excelsa coffee has recently become the number 2 best coffee in East Java. Therefore, now coffee farmers in Carangwulung Village are getting ahead by processing themselves into compete products in the national market. Evidently, there are many MSMEs that have started to make a coffee brand typical of Wonosalam, Jombang which started from Carangwulung village.

Excelsa coffee has been known since the Dutch colonial period, in about 1800, they built coffee plantations in the Wonosalam highlands, Jombang, East Java. Many varieties of coffee are produced by farmers, including robusta, arabica, and exelsa coffee. It is said that this exelsa coffee has a high taste, sexy and unique shape. The taste of this coffee in addition to having bitter taste dominant, there is also a sweet, sour, and astringent taste. However, the savory taste is as same as other coffees, the taste is difficult to get from other types of coffee, especially factory coffee.

Excelsa coffee or commonly called Aisa is the most widely grown coffee variety around the slopes of Mount Anjasmoro with average planting area height of 600-1000 meters and the price at the farm is around IDR 60 thousand per kilogram. Currently there are 25 farmers with 30 hectares coffee area. A year they can produce 15 tons of coffee.

Excelsa coffee is a rare coffee category that only accounts for 7 percent of world coffee production. This type of coffee in East Java is currently only found in Wonosalam, Lereng Wilis and Lereng Ijen.

In Indonesia, the number of coffee exports has promising potential for economic development, the types of coffee products exported are in coffee beans, both green coffee (raw coffee) and roasted coffee beans and processed coffee (coffee powder). Dominated by coffee beans compared to the amount of processed coffee exported to foreign markets.


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