Nur Hasida Batik – Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Solo and Sragen Batik, Central Java

Nur Hasida Batik is well known as batik wholesaler and manufacturer by the people of Central Java with best quality batik products. This workshop provides the collections of Batik clothes that made from cotton fabric, silk, until pineapple fiber fabrics. Besides on that, Nurhasida Batik sells many types of Batik, such as; handwriting Batik, stamp Batik, semi handwriting Batik in the form of ethnic fabric and trendy shirt for men and women with various beautiful batik motifs. The batik products in the shop have made by the owner workshop, so the quality is very concerned and guaranteed. Besides on that, the average price of the products in this workshop is very affordable.

Furthermore, the best sold product of this shop is Jarik (traditional Batik motifs) because Jarik has good density and not easily shrink when washed. Unique characteristics of all products in this shop can be seen from the originality of design, quality materials and stitching quality. Using cloth products from Nur Hasida Batik can make you look more elegant and dignified in various events. So, for you whom Batik lovers, let’s visit the shop in Solo or you can come to this workshop in Sragen. You will see many Batik collections of this brand that can make you are different and more elegant with your Batik outfits.

Mr. Suripto (+62 812 1584 0554) ; Mr. Hasit Hendro P. (+62 813 2909 2827)

Jl. Plupuh – Sangiran, Kebaksari RT. 06
Pungsari, Plupuh – Sragen, Central Java
Mobile: +62 812 1584 1444
Solo Wholesale Center, Ground Floor Blok B-9 No.5
Solo Wholosale Center, Ground Floor Blok B-18 No.6, Solo – Central Java
Mobile: +62 821 3399 0944


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